Xu-Bing Li Xu-Bing Li

最小化 最大化

Dr. Xu-Bing Li

Gender: Male

Place of birth: Sichuan, P. R. China


Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS

No. 29 Zhongguancun East Road

Beijing 100190, P. R. China

Tel.: +86-10-82543579 (Office)

E-mail: lixubing@mail.ipc.ac.cn




Professional Appointments



Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS

2023 - present

   Associate Professor

   Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS

2017 - 2023

Research Assistant of Chemistry

Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS

2015 - 2017








Ph.D. Chemistry

Advisor: Prof. Li-Zhu Wu and Chen-Ho Tung

Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS

Beijing,  P. R. China


B.S. Chemistry

Wuhan University, Wuhan, P. R. China


September 2010 - June 2015




September 2006 - June 2010










Research Interests

   My research interest includes artificial photosynthetic H2 evolution using photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical approaches, visible-light induced organic transformation, and corresponding mechanistic investigations.


    2018 Member of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    2017 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    2015 ExcellentGraduate Award of Beijing

    2015 ExcellentGraduateAward of Chinese Academy of Sciences


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2. Liu, Bin; Li, Xu-Bing; Gao, Yu-Ji; Li, Zhi-Jun; Meng, Qing-Yuan; Tung, Chen-Ho; Wu, Li-Zhu. "A solution-processed, mercaptoacetic acid-engineered CdSe quantum dot photocathode for efficient hydrogen production under visible light irradiation." Energy Environ. Sci. 2015, 8 (5), 1443-1449. (Equal contribution)

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