Xu-Zhe Wang Xu-Zhe Wang

最小化 最大化

Dr. Xu-Zhe Wang

  Gender: Male

  Place of birth: Hei Longjiang, P. R. China


Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS

No. 29 Zhongguancun East Road

Beijing 100190, P. R. China

Tel.: +86-10-82543577 (Office)

E-mail: wangxuzhe@mail.ipc.ac.cn




Professional Appointments


  Postdoctoral fellow

  Advisor: Prof. Chen-Ho Tung

  Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS

August 2017-Present







  Ph.D. Chemistry

  Advisor: Prof. Li-Zhu Wu and Chen-Ho Tung

  Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS

  Beijing,  P. R. China


  M.S. Organic Chemistry

  East China University of Science and technology

  Shanghai, P. R. China


  B.S. Chemistry

  Hei Longjiang University



September 2013 - June 2017




September 2010 - June 2013




September 2006 - June 2010
















Research Interests

  Hydrogenase mimic; photocatalytic hydrogen evolution



1. Wang, X. Z.; Zhou, L.; Qiang, F.; Wang, F. Y.; Wang, R.; Zhao, C. C. *, Development of a BODIPY-based ratiometric fluorescent probe for hypochlorous acid and its application in living cells. Anal. Chim. Acta 2016, 911, 114-120.

2. Wang, X. Z.; Meng, Q. Y.; Zhong, J. J.; Gao, X. W.; Lei, T.; Zhao, L. M.; Li, Z. J.; Chen, B.; Tung, C. H.; Wu, L. Z. *, The singlet excited state of BODIPY promoted aerobic cross-dehydrogenative-coupling reactions under visible light. Chem. Commun. 2015, 51 (56), 11256-11259.

3. Zhao, C. C.*; Wang, X. Z.; Cao, J.; Peng, P.; Zhang, J. X.; Zhang, Y. F.; Yang, Y.; Yang, Z. J., BODIPY-based sulfoxide: Synthesis, photophysical characterization and response to benzenethiols. Dyes and Pigments 2013, 96 (2), 328-332.

4. Wang, X. Z.; Cao, J.; Zhao, C. C.*, Design of a ratiometric fluorescent probe for benzenethiols based on a thiol-sulfoxide reaction. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2012, 10 (24), 4689-4691.

5. Li, Xubing; Wang, Xuzhe; Song, Ziqi; Zhang, Liping; Tung, Chenho*; Wu, Lizhu*. Photoinduced Hydrogen Evolution from a Novel [NiFe]-Hydrogenase Mimic. Imaging Science and Photochemistry. 2015, 33, 411-416.